Power to Change scholarship helps students take next step

29 April 2021
This article was submitted by the EFC affiliate organization Power to Change–Students.

Power to Change–Students is committed to helping students in Canada take their next steps towards Jesus. We do that through many means: campus-connected ministry, Alpha, and other ways of connecting. You can read more about us here.
As of this year (2021), we have one more ministry tool to use – our NEXT Steps Scholarship!

Why offer a NEXT Steps Scholarship?

According to the Renegotiating Faith study of 18-to-28-year-olds who attended church regularly as teens, teenagers moving into post-secondary education were roughly four times more likely to get connected to Christian community in their first year if someone helped to facilitate that connection.
We want to facilitate connections between post-secondary students and faith communities. Offering scholarship funds and following up with scholarship applicants is one practical way of doing so.

What is the NEXT Steps Scholarship (in 2021)?

Multiple awards are available – there will be 17 winners, totalling up to $19,000 given as scholarships. The largest scholarship available is $3,000 which is open to any applicant going to a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Ontario. Additionally there will be 16 other $1,000 scholarships.
This year, these scholarships are available to residents of Canada who will be attending a post-secondary institution in Ontario for the first time. The deadline for this year’s applications is May 16, 2021.

How can a student apply?

All of the details, including instructions for the application, are available at the main NEXT Steps Scholarship page on the P2C-S website:
Share this with any students who may be interested. You can be the person to make a connection to a spiritual community four times more likely for the students you know!

This post is part of a paid partnership between EFC and Power to Change - Students, promoting their post-secondary scholarship. Image of students on pathway: Ben Ng from Power to Change.

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