Youth transition research now available

22 July 2018
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Our groundbreaking Young Adult Transition Research (YATR) partnership has released its first two reports. They are now available as free downloads!

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Power to Change–Students, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Youth for Christ and Truth Matters Ministries partnered together on this research to discover how we can all help Christian teens stay connected to church and faith as they move on from high school.
The EFC and its partners want this research to be a gift to all churches. Both reports are free PDFs at, and you can link to them directly using the cover images here. However, there is lots more supporting material at the research website, and we encourage you to go there to subscribe to the research mailing list. 

Learn more on the secondary report:

  • Competition for Character Education: What Emerging Adulthood Means for Christian Higher Education in Canada is the second report, focused on Christian postsecondary students. It came out in December 2018.
  • Christian Postsecondary Schools Are a Good Investment by Alex Newman (Faith Today, Jan/Feb 2019)
  • Webinar recording: Youth Renegotiating Faith at Christian Postsecondary Schools: How are faith and maturity different for youth who attend Christian post-secondary schools? How is Christian identity formed in the midst of Bible college, graduate theological school, liberal arts university or discipleship school? What do parents and pastors need to know about the opportunities and challenges for youth who attend those institutions? Our expert guests included Rick Hiemstra, director of research for the EFC and lead researcher for Renegotiating Faith; Bruce Guenther, associate professor of church history and Mennonite studies at Trinity Western University; and Justin Cooper, executive director of Christian Higher Education Canada. With host Karen Stiller (Nov. 28, 2018)

Learn more on the main report:

Update: Research partners held two follow-up consultations in May on how people are using the research. May 13, 2019 in Abbotsford, BC and May 15, 2019 in Burlington, ON.

Author: Rick Hiemstra