What's in the Jul/Aug issues of our magazines?

23 July 2019

The July/August issues of Canada’s Christian magazines are now out! The links below take you to some sample articles.

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Faith Today

Caring for politicians in a harsh culture. Can a pastor and a politician be friends? Preston Pouteaux shares about his unlikely friendship with former Alberta MLA Bruce McAllister. He asks, “What if politicians were able to find the care of pastors to walk with them in the midst of their hardest experiences?” 

FT Interview. Joy Smith served as a Member of Parliament from 2004–2015 and is a leading advocate against human trafficking. She spoke to Faith Today about her time as a parliamentarian and the joys and challenges of that unique role.

• From Kingdom Matters: Acts Seminaries stretches boundaries with its online offerings

• From Kingdom Matters: New publishing house combines geek culture and Christianity

• From The Gathering Place by columnist Bruce J. Clemenger: Biblical rest as leadership. Our witness in a sleepless society 

• In our latest Books & Culture reviews section:

  • The True Story of Human Trafficking By Paul Boge
  • The Story of All Stories: Genesis 1-11 By Darrell Johnson
  • Modern Technology and the Human Future: A Christian Appraisal By Craig M. Gay
  • Reading the Bestsellers: Educated: A Memoir. By Tara Westover
  • Canadian Creatives: Artwork by Melissa Townsend

• From Christ & Culture in Canada by columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.: A splash of fresh water. Atheist pastor Gretta Vosper doesn't define the United Church.

Have a look at the Jul/Aug 2019 contents page for a more complete list of articles, including several that are scheduled to come online over the next few weeks.

Love Is Moving 

• Essay contest for young adults! Young adults 18 to 35 are invited to make a short article or video about what it means to be an Evangelical by Sept. 20. Grand prize is $500 and a trip to Montreal Oct. 24 to present the winning piece.

• Sample articles from the Jul/Aug issue are online at Here are some highlights:

Is evangelicalism relevant to Canadian culture? Evangelicals in Canada recognize that they are part of a wider world, including the neighbourhood, the country and the broader Church community.

Learning in leadership. Leading like the world, relying on our brains and charisma, leads to spiritual failure. But if we follow the leadership examples found in the Scriptures, the impact of our leadership will extend far beyond our physical existences.

Visit the Love Is Moving website for more great articles from past issues, including Violence, Visions, Miracles and Exile; Living for Christ Without Crashing; Comparison Kills Courage; and more.