Three questions on ministry to young adults

19 June 2017

Sid Koop is a youth ministries veteran, currently executive director of Truth Matters Ministries, in Kelowna, B.C.

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Q1. What are some of the greatest pressure points for young adults?

I think the greatest pressure point for young adults is making decisions about their future, in particular vocation. Young adults have always wrestled with this part of their journey, but there seems to be at least two unique contributing factors. First is the extension of adolescence, part of which I think means our kids may be less prepared for the transition than before and are therefore delaying it longer. Second, I think the pressure may be changing, from a fear of not having enough resources, to the fear of missing out on an “exciting life.”

Q2. What can churches be doing to help youth and young adults? What do you wish churches knew about helping youth across the transition from high school into the next stage in their lives?

There are a number of things churches can be doing to help our young adults. First, model authentic faith in the ordinary – and celebrate it! Second, be present, as a community. Proactively invite young adults to join your community and intentionally Invest in the lives of those who are present. Third, remain present as your students transition to other communities. The first month young adults are in a new community may be the most important month for their long term health. Be present throughout the transition and help them find a new healthy community to engage.

Q3. What is your new initiative to train youth pastors?

Our latest initiative continues to be our Canadian Youth Workers Conferences. We have just announced our newest conference location, in Montreal this fall. That will give us seven conferences across Canada this next year. We are so excited to encourage and equip youth workers to better disciple students in their local context! Such an honour!

Sid Koop is executive director of Truth Matters Ministries, which includes overseeing the CYWC Regional Training Conferences across Canada. Read more interviews in our Three Questions Series.
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