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19 November 2018

Canada Watch

This newsletter is published six times per year, briefly explaining current Canadian issues and EFC activities. The Aug/Sep 2019 issue, with the cover story “EFC-led research helps answer Canadian church questions,” is available at Subscribe by sending us an email at [email protected].

EFC Update

This newsletter is emailed every Tuesday afternoon. Browse the latest issues at Most pages on our website have a “sign up” box at the left where you can subscribe.

Events Calendar

Our online community calendar is at See what’s coming up, or add your own event so other Canadian Christians can hear about it and attend.

Faith Today

The EFC also publishes several magazines, which each have their own websites. Our flagship publication is at Check out the blog there and sign up for their twice-monthly newsletter by emailing them.

Love Is Moving

Our magazine for young adults and youth ministry leaders is at

Annual Report Video

For a personal touch, please take six minutes to watch our 2018 annual report video explaining what we did on your behalf last year. (Our 2017 annual report video is also still available.)

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