The EFC launches ‘Be Kind to Your Member of Parliament’ campaign

09 November 2021

The EFC is encouraging Canadian Christians to reach out to their newly-elected or returning members of Parliament with a friendly greeting in November and December. Contacting your MP with an encouraging message or note is simple to do, and everyone can do it. Emailing or mailing a card is free and only takes a few minutes. 

“On top of the demands and pressures of their work, our elected officials face near-constant criticism, which too often comes in the form of personal attacks, vitriol and at times even threats, particularly on social media,” says Julia Beazley, public policy director for the EFC. “We can and should recognize our MPs’ public service and thank them for it, even as we ask for laws and policies to be changed.”

It’s also a good thing to form a positive relationship with our MP before a problem or issue comes up. MPs shouldn’t just hear from us when we have complaints, however legitimate they are.

The EFC has also updated its free, online Civic Engagement Kit to include tips for engaging with MPs and senators, a guide to how a bill becomes a law and the opportunities during that process for Canadians to engage. The kit shows how easy it can be to engage with politicians, how to engage more effectively and offers step by step instructions for doing so.

“We’d love for new and returning politicians to feel encouraged in their role by Canada’s Christian community as our new Parliament finds its footing,” says Beazley. (Parliament reopens Nov. 22.) “Writing a note of encouragement or congratulations to the MP serving your community is a simple way to break the ice and to begin to counter the tide of division and polarization in Canada.”

Download the EFC’s Civic Engagement Kit at

How to send your MP a postcard?

Confirm your MP's name at and mail your card to them at the House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6. No stamp required!

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