Next steps in the federal Parliament – and what you can do

22 October 2019

Next steps in the federal Parliament -- and what you can do

  1. The Prime Minister will name his cabinet.
  2. The House of Commons will sit to hear the Speech from the Throne which describes the government’s priorities and plans for the next Parliament.
  3. In a minority government scenario, there will be conversation behind the scenes to determine which initiatives will be supported by the parties.
  4. All of the bills from the last Parliament died when the election was called and would need to be reintroduced as new bills.

What you can do:

  • Reach out to your new MP and make a positive connection, whether you voted for that person or not. Try to have positive interaction before you need to contact your MP on an issue of concern.
    • Write, call or post a message of congratulations
    • Pray for wisdom for your MP, the Prime Minister and the new cabinet as they govern our country
  • Check out the EFC’s new engagement kit with information on how to contact your MP, tips on meeting an MP, how a bill becomes law, what your church can do, and more.
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