Three questions on conscience protection in Manitoba

11 September 2017
Conscience protection for medical professionals is an issue nationwide, especially urgent since Canada has legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in some cases. We asked Larry Worthen of the Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience to help us understand the situation in Manitoba right now as part of our Three Questions Series.

Q1. What is happening with conscience protection in Manitoba? 
The Manitoba government has proposed Bill 34 which states that no individual can be required to provide or aid in the provision of assisted suicide (Medical Assistance in Dying). This bill should be going to committee this fall in the Manitoba legislature.

A "Call for Conscience Campaign” is being held in Manitoba starting Sept. 5, encouraging supporters to contact their MLA to encourage them to support Bill 34. This campaign is supported by the EFC and nine other national organizations who are concerned about this issue. 
Q2. Why does this matter?
If passed, this legislation would protect Christian doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals from being forced to participate in ending the lives of their patients. This would ensure that any future requirements from their regulatory bodies would respect conscience rights. This is not the case in other provinces, like Ontario. 
Q3. How can Manitoba residents get involved?
Manitoba residents can visit to directly contact their MLAs via email. Churches can invite their members to support the campaign as well. Contact Kathy Boschmann, campaign coordinator at 204-654-4474 or for information and materials. Share this video with your contacts: