What one person can do to help a community address our laws on MAID

13 February 2023

“I’d like to talk to my church board about the expansion of MAID. Can you help?” This request came to the EFC’s Centre for Faith and Public Life earlier this month.

The woman, who was preparing for a church board meeting, was deeply troubled by the devastating impact of MAID on people with disabilities and about the coming change to allow MAID for mental illness alone. She wanted to let her church board know and ask how the church could engage.

Her church board meeting was that night. She had the latest Canada Watch with its front-page article on MAID, and a sample postcard to MP’s calling for a stop to the expansion.  

As the Canada Watch article shares, people are requesting MAID because they lack resources to live: 

Poverty and the fear of homelessness are driving some people with disabilities to request hastened death. It has become easier for people to access MAID than the care and supports they need to live.

The Canada Watch article explains why this is a crucial time for all of us to act. The article walked through ways to engage on MAID:

Even as we are encouraged there will be a delay in expansion, we know we must continue to act. Prayer is central. Let’s ask God to intervene, to change hearts and minds, to give us wisdom on how to act and how to love our neighbours, to bless our efforts and our country. 

…More interaction with MPs can help. Please send in the postcard enclosed and call your MP’s office. Let your MP and their office staff know, “I just mailed a postcard. I’m very concerned. Please stop the expansion of MAID.” Give the second postcard to a friend and share these concerns with them.

The EFC provided postcards for MPs in the mailing with Canada Watch. “A delay is not enough,” say the postcards. “Stop MAID for mental illness.” More copies of these postcards are available at the EFC office, by emailing or calling 1-866-302-3362. 

She also showed her church board a new EFC video update on MAID.  

This woman was able to bring the attention of her church leadership to the devastating impact of MAID.
She was able to share the need for Christians to care for those in vulnerable moments, and the need to ask for the protection of the law for them.
The board agreed to share the resources with the congregation.

It will take a significant public outcry to bring about a change to our laws on MAID. This is an important moment for us to speak up and to join our voices with those who are most sharply and directly feeling the impacts of the laws. 

One of the ways we love our neighbour is by asking for the best possible laws to protect them. This is part of our calling in Christ. EFC resources are available to equip Christians and churches. Contact the EFC for resources and for more information on how to engage on MAID. 

How you can help

  • Pray for God to intervene, to change hearts and minds, and to show us how to love our neighbours. 
  • Contact your MP and ask them – respectfully and graciously - to stop the expansion of MAID and to reverse Track Two MAID. Ask them how they will work to better support people with disabilities or mental illness. 
  • Commit to reach out to those who feel abandoned and without hope in your community. 

Author: Beth Hiemstra