Upcoming national forum seeks Christian leaders

08 January 2020
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is a co-host with Lausanne Canada of Our Common Calling: Following Jesus into the World, an upcoming forum in Toronto, October 26–28, 2020. The Canadian Council of Christian Charities and Future Fit are also partnering in this endeavour.

Do you know someone who should attend?

The event will consist of Christian leaders and influencers from various ministry and marketplace sectors meeting to consider the Church’s calling in Canada today and in the future. The forum will draw Christians from across Canada’s multiple regions and ethnic communities – across age and gender.

The organizers are looking for candidates to attend who have a sense of the changing demographics, societal pressures and declining church membership challenges most churches are facing, but who also have a practical hope for the future of the Church.

The goal is to consider together innovative and creative responses to those challenges from a wide variety of voices. A key emphasis will be on future-focused collaboration, listening prayerfully to God and one another as we seek new and effective ways of following Jesus into the world.

Please nominate leaders in your circle who would be a good fit by visiting, clicking on the Nominations page and then using the form provided.

Beginning February 1, 2020, the forum selection committee will send out invitations to the most representative group possible, for the most effective gathering possible. No doubt you have in your circles of influence many candidates who could be perfectly suited for this unique opportunity next October. Please do let us know for the good of the Church nationwide.