Three Parliamentary Initiatives for Prayer

18 October 2016

By Julia Beazley and Beth Hiemstra (post revised as of Oct. 20, 2016)

photo2341.jpgThese are private member’s bills or motions, brought forward by individual MPs, and they will be debated and voted on in the next few months.

1. Palliative care framework

Palliative care offers compassionate support for those who are suffering or who are at the end of life. Private member’s bill C-277, introduced by MP Marilyn Gladu, would require the federal government to develop a framework on palliative care. (Read more EFC background on this issue including a sample letter you can use with your MP.)

2. Study of the public health effects of violent sexual images online

Online sexually explicit material – much of which is violent and degrading – has never been so accessible, to adults or to children. Private member’s motion M-47, introduced by MP Arnold Viersen, calls for a study of the public health effects of easily accessible, violent and degrading sexually explicit material online. (Read more EFC background on this issue.)

3. Cassie and Molly’s Law

This bill is named for Cassie Kraake from southern Ontario, who was seven months’ pregnant when she and her unborn daughter – who she had named Molly – were murdered. Bill C-225, introduced by MP Cathay Wagantall, would create an offence for deliberately injuring or causing the death of a preborn child while committing an offence against a pregnant woman. UPDATE: C-225 was voted on Oct. 19 and defeated, but prayer and support for such initiatives, and especially for the future of C-277 and M-47, are still needed. Your involvement makes a difference!

We are so pleased that these initiatives are coming before the House of Commons. These are important issues, and MPs will need to think through their views on them as they prepare to debate and vote on each.

Private member’s initiatives don’t often pass in the House of Commons – but even if they don’t, they are important because they raise the profile of the issue, put it on the agenda and increase the chances MPs will take action. Your MP is more likely to support these initiatives if they hear from you. Why not take a few minutes to phone or write your MP to ask them to support these initiatives?

Please join us in praying for our MPs, for these initiatives and for the good of our land.