Watch our September webinar on current social issues

19 September 2017

Today the EFC held a “round up” conversation on some of the issues we are working on this fall. A videorecording of this discussion is now available.

The discussion helped participants catch up on the latest information on medical assistance in dying, pornography, religious discrimination, Bill C51, and others. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and hear directly from Julia Beazley, the EFC’s director of public policy.

You can find dates for more upcoming webinars on the EFC events calendar and watch videorecordings of past webinars on our webinars page.

As you will see on our calendar, the next scheduled EFC webinar will be at noon Eastern on Oct. 18 and deal with recovery from pornography.

And after that our Nov. 16 webinar deals with: What have churches learned about refugee sponsorship?